About Me

I’m a follower of Jesus, husband, dad, neighbor, parent volunteer, writer, speaker, teacher, pastor, church planter, corporate trainer, career counselor, executive coach, website developer, WordPress consultant, photographer, problem solver, marginally adequate guitar player, and slightly better singer.

I have a Ph.D. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. I concentrated in evangelism and mission and wrote my dissertation on the topic of saving faith. I can be an evangelist for anything that I believe in (even good food!) but especially for Jesus!

I’m impulsive, forgiving, Xtroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving, talkative, disorganized, forgetful (did I mention forgetful?).

I like to lead but don’t like the paperwork.

I’m usually funny when I’m not trying to be.

I often react emotionally to my thoughts and not my environment (an NF characteristic). So if you think I’m mad at you, it’s probably not so; I’m probably mad at the news program I listened to this morning. I’m working on controlling my emotions better.

I don’t give enough feedback to people when I’m listening to them. This is because what you are saying is setting off a row of dominoes in my mind. You probably think I’m not listening to you when I might be. Yet my introspection does cause me to miss some of what you’re saying. I might ask you to repeat something; please be patient with me. I’m trying to work on listening better. This will require me to be less narcissistic; it’s a spiritual battle. My goal is to value you more and my thoughts less.

I sometimes come up with very useful insights off the cuff. I call them spontaneous eruptions of brilliance (SEBs). I usually forget them minutes after I say them. Please write down immediately anything I say that is useful to you.

I like to eat and should have been a cook. Love guy food: pizza, burgers, omelets, pancakes, pulled pork, fried zucchini, bleu cheese dressing, sausage stuffing, hot bread, chocolate anything, toffee, apple pie with ice cream. My heroes are Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri (oh…did I mention Jesus?-he was once accused of gluttony).

I love the beach and would live on the beach if I could afford it and wasn’t afraid of hurricanes and tsunamis (really the fact that either could wipe out my property in minutes).

I love downhill skiing but don’t like to be cold.

I like to read books by John Ortberg ’cause they’re fun and useful. I loved Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall; it was life changing. Reading John Piper is like eating spinach salad (it’s good for you, ‘nough said). Have found useful insights in books by Malcolm Gladwell, Keith Ferrazzi, David Allen, Tim Chester, Steve Timmis, Henry Cloud, John Townsend, Tim Keller, C.S. Lewis, and Cyril of Alexandria. Biographies of George Whitefield, Dawson Trotman and Billy Graham all made me cry. These were courageous men.

I like the feeling I have after I’ve worked out.
I like the sense of accomplishment I have after I’ve written something useful.
I want to be respected by my peers but not defined by them; I’ve never fit neatly into any subculture.

My wife, Joyce, and my kids, Hannah and Samuel, are far better than I deserve. I have been blessed beyond all my expectations in life.

I’m middle aged but still feel like a young man with a lot of life left in me and a lot to give.