Step Four: Align Your Promotional Media

Have you ever seen a person with a Martha Stewart tatoo? Probably not. Yet you may very well have seen someone with a Harley Davidson tatoo. The Harley culture transmits well through the medium of tatoos; the Martha Stewart culture does not. Businesses sometimes try to promote their brands through inappropriate media. The attempt comes across as awkward. It’s an example of what we call brand misalignment.

Brand alignment is about getting all your promotional media to point in the same direction. Your goal is to reach your target market with multiple impressions, reinforce a consistent image of your business through each impression, and lead people to take the same action, which will involve purchasing your product or service. To do this you will generally employ a consistent color scheme, look, and feel throughout all of your materials. Once again, the services of a professional designer can be valuable here. Yet often stock designs can work well if you’re on a budget.

Promotional media to consider are:

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • direct mail, postcards
  • newsletters (electronic and print)
  • letterhead stationery and cards
  • a website
  • a blog
  • a Facebook page
  • a twitter account
  • a YouTube account
  • name badges
  • imprinted clothing: t-shirts, hats, etc.
  • imprinted promotional items: pens, etc.
  • newspaper and magazine advertisements
  • radio and television ads
  • telephone solicitation
  • live speech making and networking
  • coupons

Some media are far more effective than others and not all media are appropriate for all companies. If you’re on a tight budget, I can provide design choices that will quickly allow your business to project a consistent, professional-looking image. If you looking for something unique or based on your own design conceptions, I work with multiple providers to provide you with the best custom options available. Whether you need electronic or print media solutions, call today. We’re committed to finding the most cost effective promotional solutions for you.

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