Does My Business Need an iPhone or Android App?

Should I invest in a mobile app for my business or develop a mobile-optimized website?

Mobile apps currently hold an advantage in usability but the balance is shifting. As mobile carriers increase their bandwidth, mobile devices get faster and mobile-websites become more attractive. Considering the cost of developing apps for multiple platforms (iPhone and Android, minimally), many small business would be better off investing in a mobile-optimized website. Most of the features touted by mobile apps developers are also available for mobile sites. These features include one-touch calling, turn-by-turn directions, social media integration, and scannable coupons.

Plus, mobile-optimized websites help your business gain an advantage in the search engines because each time your customer accesses your site, he or she is boosting the traffic recorded for your URL.

If you have more questions about how a mobile-optimized website can help your business, feel free to contact me.

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